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FTTH Optical Fiber Drop Cable Manufactured by HAGSIN FTTH Cables / FTTH Drop Cables Production Line Machine - HAGSIN - Top Professional Fiber Optic Cable Machine Manufacturer in China
FTTH Optical Fiber Drop Cable Brief Introduction:

Self-supporting FTTH drop cable manufactured by Top Brand HAGSIN Group FTTH Optical Fiber Cable Machine in China is constructed with one or two single-mode fiber (G.657A ). The cable is protected by two parallel strength members made of KFRP, steel wire and a LSZH outer jacket. Designed for outdoor installation, the cable is well suited for connections between the dome closure and small dwelling unit/warehouse and independent.

FTTH Optical Fiber Drop Cable Feature and Application:

- Self-supporting structure, light weight, easy to install
- Durable and flame retardant LSZH sheath, low smoke zero halogen
- Steel wire as additional strength member has high tensile strength
- Two parallel KFRP strength members ensure good performance of anti-electromagnetic and crush resistance

FTTH Optical Fiber Drop Cable Outdoor Aerial Application:

- Used in the FTTH projects
- High speed optical routes in building
- High performance optical network operation
- Ideal Solution by Using Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cable

If any question or inquiry of FTTH Fiber Drop Cable Machine in China, be free to contact us sales@hagsin.com, we will reply you soonest.
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